Friday, July 20, 2012

Recipe: Spicy Beef Skewers

In an effort to eat more healthy, fresh food, I decided to come up with a dinner that was fun, easy to eat, and flavorful. I'd never tried making skewers or kebabs before, and this was surprisingly easy, once I overcame some initial obstacles! You can use any vegetables or other spices you like in this recipe.

1 package beef cut for stew
2 zucchini
2 yellow squash
5-6 small red potatoes
5-6 white mushrooms, whole
Sri Racha hot sauce
Garlic powder
Salt & pepper

1. Soak wooden skewers in a bowl of water for at least 20 minutes to prevent scorching. / 2. Lay stew meat pieces out on plates or a clean work surface. Coat in garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Squirt a drop of Sri Racha onto each piece and rub into the surface of the meat. Repeat on both sides. / 3. Cut potatoes into quarters, zucchini & squash into 1/2" slices, and mushrooms into halves. Salt and pepper vegetables. / 4. Assemble skewers - each should hold 6-7 pieces and should contain 2-3 pieces of beef. / 5. Lay skewers on grill pan, George Foreman grill, or outdoor grill range. If cooking on a grill pan or Foreman grill, you may need to cook the meat separately as the grill may not reach all parts of the meat for it to cook properly. Cook skewers on medium-high heat for around 8 minutes each, or until meat and vegetables are cooked through. / 6. Enjoy! Serves 4-5.

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